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We Are Inspired

We have held hundreds of conversations around the world and learned so much from the many strong hearts and open minds with whom we've connected. Together, we've explored what makes an effective leader in today's volatile, fast-moving, and complex business landscape.

Most of us know full well what this dynamic upheaval looks and feels like — a state of constant disruption, filled with an often-disengaged, sometimes-disappointed workforce at large. At The LC we have a pulse on this dynamic — not only what's awry, but also where there are shining bits of light and, most importantly, how to create a realistic but hopeful path for moving forward.

In the Media

"On the eve of International Women’s Day this year, a small group from Schoolhouse arrived at the foot of a charming old brick office building in Portland's pictorial Sellwood neighborhood, wide-eyed and ready to learn." "...we spoke with Kerri about her important work on behalf of women leaders and soaked up all the creative energy we could from her considered, vibrant space."

Lessons on Leadership with Kerri Hoyt-Pack, Founder of The Liberty Collective
an interview with Schoolhouse Electric


"When asked about the direction she hopes to take with The Liberty Collective, Kerri’s goals are meaningful and impressive. She says, 'My goal is to create change — lasting, progressive and collaborative change that moves us forward in a positive and urgent way. I believe strongly that we can’t just create an accelerator of talent to do what needs to be done...  We have to shift the pervasive business culture that exists, and that [shift] benefits everyone.'" 

This Beautiful 1909 Bungalow Matches Kerri Hoyt-Pack Inside and Out
a feature on Arciform


A former Global Vice-President for Marketing for Nike, (Kerri Hoyt-Pack) visited the University of Nebraska at Lincoln to meet and work with students. She stopped by Rick Alloway's "Campus Voices" to discuss her career and her new initiative designed to help people from around the world develop evolved leadership skills.

Radio Interview for KRNU Campus Voices