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Who We Are

The Liberty Collective is a global consultancy focused
on building a more inclusive workforce, sooner. We partner with enlightened organizations to help shift the norms of leadership behavior, ultimately recognizing, modeling, and practicing a more diverse and human-centered approach. While we work on behalf of and with everyone, we are dedicated to accelerating the impact, elevation, and retention of women (and those that identify) in leadership positions.

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What We Do


Grow great leaders through collaborative, inspiring, and experiential learning.


Modernize workplace culture to better individuals, communities and shareholder value.


Cultivate an unapologetically feminine force
that helps to redefine victory.*

*Empathetic and open to vulnerability, humble, inclusive and compassionate, balanced in approach, patient and partnering — AND gutsy, bold, strong and powerful. Note: a feminine focus does not equate to an exclusively female focus. ALL of us have feminine qualities that we believe we should hone and celebrate in the workplace.
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Who's Behind The LC?

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Kerri Hoyt-Pack

Kerri draws from her own thirty year career in the business world of brand marketing and communications and the insights gained from The LC learnings. Her experience in leading teams, developing individuals, and sparking new thinking, provides a foundation with which she can offer a unique and seasoned perspective.

In the media:

Schoolhouse Interview
Arciform Interview
Radio Interview

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How We Do What We Do — With You

The LC offers unique and tailored programs that ultimately transform individuals and teams, while building community.

  • Small group sessions, bringing together diverse, high potential women and multi-gender teams, to collaborate and grow together
  • Immersive and experiential learning modules, engineered to spark and sustain personal leadership development over time, ultimately driving greater organizational change
  • Focus on recognition, celebration, and practice of evolved leadership behavior (throughout and across teams, regardless of gender)
  • Supported and strengthened by subject matter expertise from core content and curriculum partners, as well as greater peer review and cultural story-led references
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What's Next

We're Listening

In 2018 we connected with over 320 women in fifteen cities and eleven countries. 2019 finds us distilling all of these voices into an actionable theory of change, as we continue to listen and learn.

We're Partnering

The Liberty Collective is currently seeking foundational partners who are interested in committing to a longer arc of learning for their teams and collaborating to drive positive, inspiring change within their organizations.

We're Connecting

The LC is actively engaging with people in our global community, as we continue to build a vision and grow the collective.

  • We are available on a select basis for large or small group speaking engagements, sharing the story of The LC and the learnings and insights gained from a year on the road talking with women about leadership across fifteen cities and eleven countries.
  • We are hosting "First Friday" Office Hours at The Liberty Collective studio in SE Portland. This is an opportunity to work in a collaborative space with others from the LC (open to all!). You can regroup, recharge, or work on a project in the company of an energizing environment. Please join us if you are in town for our next available 2019 open houses on October 4th or December 6th! (sign up by DM'ing us at — first come basis — no charge — coffee/tea and snacks on us.)
  • We are opening up our calendar every Monday for individual consultations. These conversations are designed for personal connection around leadership challenges and opportunities, as well as explorations of personal growth connected to women in the workplace. All genders and identities, as well as level of experience are welcome. Sign up here to request a meeting. 
    • Note that we have two scholarship consultation spots every Monday reserved for people from marginalized communities. A small effort to attempt to create more opportunities for diverse and dynamic segments of the current and future leadership force. Visit here for more information and to sign up.