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Inspire groups through story

Inspiring Through Story

We move hearts and minds through a personal blend of narrative and illustrative examples. Our engagements are powered by years of immersive, investigative travel. Stories are also drawn from Kerri’s thirty-year multi-national career in marketing — working on the world’s most iconic brands and sport moments.

We design our connections to spark curiosity, stir emotion, and provoke personal investment in driving positive change. We can work with you to customize a story, as well as format, based on client goals, setting, and audience.

Speaking Topics

Muscle & Joy

A New Way Forward

The inside story of the quest to evolve leadership norms and change workplace culture, one voice at a time. This personal and powerful narrative-driven talk highlights the voices and provides a pulse on hundreds of women around the world at a moment of time like no other.

Brave Enough
to Care

Living the Life that Wants to Live in You

A highly personal, yet universally relatable story about the "work of life" and the "life of work" today. Culminating (and just beginning!) in a thirty year decision that was made overnight.

Love Sport, Even When it Breaks Your Heart

Beijing 2008 Olympics

Beijing 2008 Olympics: The story of moving a country to move the world forward through sport.

Better for It

Launching NikeWomen

The challenges and rewards in a personal quest to inspire women across cultures to move together and unlock untapped business opportunity.

Hiding in Here

Why You Need a Brand Plan and How to Build One

The fundamentals of building a brand plan and why it's a pivotal step in success for any organization (or individual!) 

Formats and fees vary and presentations/talks can range from 45-90 minutes. Open to big groups or small.