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Inspire groups through story

Inspiring Groups Through Story

We move hearts and minds through a personal blend of narrative and illustrative examples. Our speaking engagements are powered by two years of immersive, investigative travel. Stories are also drawn from Kerri’s thirty year multi-national career in marketing — working on the world’s most iconic brands and sport moments.

We currently offer a variety of speaking topics — each designed to spark curiosity, stir emotion , and provoke personal investment in driving positive change. We can work with you to customize a story, as well as format, based on client goals, setting, and audience.

Our Speaking Topics:

Muscle & Joy

A New Way Forward

The inside story of the quest to evolve leadership norms and change workplace culture, one voice at a time. This personal and powerful narrative-driven talk highlights the voices and provides a pulse on hundreds of women around the world at a moment of time like no other.

Brave Enough
to Care

Living the Life that Wants to Live in You

A highly personal, yet universally relatable story about the "work of life" and the "life of work" today. Culminating (and just beginning!) in a thirty year decision that was made overnight.

Love Sport, Even When it Breaks Your Heart

Beijing 2008 Olympics

Beijing 2008 Olympics: The story of moving a country to move the world forward through sport.

Better for It

Launching NikeWomen

The challenges and rewards in a personal quest to inspire women across cultures to move together and unlock untapped business opportunity.

Hiding in Here

Why You Need a Brand Plan and How to Build One

The fundamentals of building a brand plan and why it's a pivotal step in success for any organization (or individual!) 

Formats and fees vary and presentations/talks can range from 45-90 minutes. Open to big groups or small.