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A Shared Passion

Co-owners Kerri and Erika believe that diversifying, and thereby strengthening leadership talent, while living up to an equity driven commitment, is the most important work an organization can do today. They are honored to lead this courageous collective, united by bold vision and rolled-up sleeves.

Kerri Hoyt-Pack


Drawing from a thirty-year career in the business world of advertising, brand marketing and communications, Kerri's extensive and lauded experience in leading teams, investing in individuals, and sparking new thinking provides a foundation with which she can offer a unique and seasoned perspective. Kerri is a proud mom to two amazing young women and mentor to many.

As one of the drivers behind the launch of NikeWomen and the current Board Chair of the Oregon Food Bank, Kerri has personally seen how community can change lives around the world. Her skills are strongest in creating great strategy, building solid teams, and designing change-making group experiences. The Liberty Collective is a bold, but natural next step in her career.

Erika Verfaille

Executive Operations Director

Erika joined Kerri in LC leadership shortly after Kerri started the organization in early 2018. They are forged together by their passion to change business culture while venturing around the world, as well as in life — Erika has held a 50+ year position as Kerri's big sister! After a business degree that led to a successful advertising career, Erika continued as a consultant, providing strategic leadership and project management for many clients.

Erika ultimately made the decision to take on the critical role of managing her extended family before recently joining Kerri back in business. She has a son and daughter whom have just launched into adulthood. Erika lives on the Puget Sound in Washington State and commutes regularly to Portland for work with The LC. Read more about Erika's story here