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Fora & Flow '19

A yoga-centering, holistic women's leadership retreat

May 5-11, 2019  |  Cambutal, Panama
Hosted by Savonn Wyland and Kerri Hoyt-Pack

Join us where the mountains meet the sea, at Sansara Resort, located in Central America in Cambutal, the Southernmost part of Panama.

Designed to nurture and strengthen women leaders, this is an opportunity to be charged for positive, collaborative action. We will gather to collectively recognize, practice, and cultivate evolved leadership behavior. This unique week of development is designed to integrate whole-body experiences and learning, including tailored yoga, breathing, and mindfulness sessions.


Plural of forum, a place of assembly for the people...


In yoga, we achieve flow through asanas, or postures, which stimulate energy pathways within the body...


We are excited to extend an invitation to our family of LC members and friends of the Collective. We have a few spots still available!

The Focus

We are dedicated to creating a ‘once in a lifetime’ event that both nurtures and energizes you. 

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You will experience unique moments, meaningful days and a carefully thought through journey that is holistically orchestrated, layered with relevant meaning and full of inspiration. 

We will also give you time to rest, reflect, and explore (on your own if you choose, or in smaller groups). Evolving your leadership acumen and practice is core to our work, but we will support that goal through world-class (yet incredibly accessible) yoga experiences. And, yes… there’s so much more (see ‘setting’ and ‘accommodations' for starters). We also work with experts at improvisational thinking, using principles of creative/fun/nimble communication to help people better relate, create, and collaborate.

The Setting

Sansara Resort is situated beachfront, with a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean.

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Specialized facilities and services include onsite massages, an open-air bar and restaurant, a stunning yoga setting and an oceanfront saltwater pool. You might enjoy walking down the wooden deck onto the black sand beach. And you are steps away from miles of beachcombing, fishing and snorkeling, stand-up paddling, kayaking, and surfing.

Cambutal, Panama is seated in the Arco Seco, or the ‘dry Pacific arc,” a nickname given to the area because of the low rainfall it experiences during the rainy season. Note that May falls in the dry season, but of course we don’t know what the weather may do. The temperature is typically a consistent range from 82 to 91 Fahrenheit and cold nights are a rarity.

You can find more information here if you are interested in learning more about Sansara.

The Accommodations

Designed to inspire serenity, the zen-like atmosphere of Sansara blends with the lush nature and quiet beauty of the grounds.

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Both intimate and inspiring, it’s the ideal setting for Fora & Flow.

Featuring extraordinary views, each cabana is uniquely designed, with a private patio and only steps away from the warm water of the Pacific Ocean. Enjoy a restful night’s sleep in plush beds with fine linens and pillows. Each cabana features organic bath products, hot water, AC, and a mini-fridge to keep your refreshments cold.

Sansara understands the importance of charging our bodies — their on-site restaurant and bar offers fresh, energizing fare and a true farm-to-table experience, while supporting local farmers and fisherman. They serve only in-season and local foods that will leave you feeling well-cared-for and undeniably full. (v, V, GF and DF are available to be accommodated). The Buddha Bar is fully stocked, with local micro-brews on tap, fine wines, and unique cocktails or juices.

Check out the Sansara accommodations here.


Packages for the seven day / six night Fora & Flow Experience range from $2050 to $3550 per person, depending upon rooming details selected.

The Fora & Flow experience is centered around:

  • Premium, personalized experience — designed for a small group of less than 25 individuals.
  • A global network working together for a more inclusive and supportive community, with a quest for positive change at its center.
  • A fresh and focused approach to leadership development and practice. One that is rooted in experiential modules that are geared to recognize, celebrate, and practice evolved leadership attributes.
  • Daily+ yoga practice designed to illuminate and reinforce transformative thought and behavior.
  • Integrated, fun group experiences that will encourage team collaboration and generate inclusive leadership behaviors — all while respecting and cultivating a creative spirit in individuals, and ultimately within team culture.



The Liberty Collective has funded a scholarship leadership position for the 2019 Fora & Flow Retreat. The central and most fundamental philosophy of The Liberty Collective is simple but powerful:

“more sparks — hotter fire” 

We believe, we KNOW, and we uphold the value and truth that demanding equity, building for diversity in our teams, and committing (as well as practicing!) positively inclusive behavior is an imperative. This scholarship is one small way we are working towards these goals. It is designed for underrepresented women leaders (and those who identify as such), including but not limited to: people of color, people with disabilities, and LGBTQ+.

Who's Behind Fora & Flow

About Your Hosts

Kerri Hoyt-Pack

Seasoned human-centered business leader and world-class brand builder. Pioneering founder of The Liberty Collective, a global organization dedicated to growing great women leaders and evolving workplace culture.

Savonn Wyland

Nurturing co-founder of Align Integrated Wellness, with over 20 years of yoga leadership. Elevated skill in directing the transformational energy from group connection, and supporting personal and individual body-led inquiry and expression.


Cambutal, Panama

Located at the southernmost point of Panama in the Azuero Peninsula, Cambutal is a small village in the province of Los Santos, about five hours away from the country’s capital, Panama City. Where the mountains meet the sea, this area has been described as a mix between the wild-west and Hawaii — with a lot less people! With empty waves and uninhabited black-sand beaches, Cambutal is the perfect place to connect to nature and the earth while reaching higher and deeper for yourself. 


We have a few last minute spots still available! Complete the registration questionnaire if you are interested.

Just looking to find out more information or have questions prior to registering? Email us here: